Model : 379
Year : 2004
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Hi everyone! Here's my Pete I've bought in February 2014. Always wanted to drive classic truck, loved the look of those chrome dressed beasts. Finding good car hauler isn't an easy task, very few of them available on the market. Also I wanted to get one with yellow iron under the hood, and my budget was really limited. It took about 6 months for me to find Her. Well, when I saw her first time, I was kinda disappointed, - she wasn't pretty at all. I wanted to turn around and go away, but my thinking was :"if I don't buy her, I'll probably spend another half a year to find another one". So we shaked hands and deal was done. The mileage back then was around 1.2 million miles. Now 2.5 years later it is 1.45. Few major repairs were done to it: 1) bottom rails on the trailer were changed 2) front differential changed for reman 3) transmission changed (reman) Also lot of miner things were fixed. I'm not a great customizer. Only installed new Texas square bumper so far. be continued

Peterbilt Video



With 1.5 million miles on odometer, I decided that it's time for overhaul. Now truck is in the shop, will update as soon as it's done.


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February 12 at 3:15am
Can't wait for the update.